The metro will comprise three lines. The first will be the 24km Blue Line linking the centre of Jeddah with King Abdul Aziz International Airport with 16 stations. This will be followed by the 67km Orange Line which will have 32 stations and will run north-south along the eastern side of the city. Finally, the 18km Green Line will be an east-west line with 12 stations.

The light rail project, known as the Corniche Tram, will comprise a 38km line connecting the city centre with North Obhur. A 70km railway with five main stations will also connect the metro with the Cornich Tram.

The metro includes the construction of the 2km Obhur road-rail suspension bridge which will be 74m wide and have a maximum clearance of 51m. A new 85,000m2 hub station at Al Montalaq will provide interchange between the metro and the Haramain high-speed rail station.

Companies wishing to participate in the briefing day need to complete a registration form at The registration deadline is March 22. Only two people from each company are allowed to attend and there is a registration fee of Riyals 2500 ($US 666.61) per person.