More than two thirds of the budget (€225m) will be spent on new vehicles, including €175m for new U-Bahn vehicles, which will allow MVG to withdraw some of the older trains in its fleet. These trains are being ordered in addition to the fleet of 21 type C2 trains currently being delivered by Siemens. MVG also plans to place a further €32m order for Siemens type T1 Avenio LRVs this year.

A further €90m will be invested in technology and infrastructure, including:

  • €23m for the modernisation of U-Bahn stations at Marienplatz and Main Station
  • €20m for metro and tram track renewals
  • €10m for new electrical systems on the U-Bahn, and
  • €4m for new depot facilities for the C2 train fleet.

In addition, the budget allocates funds to continue planning for extensions to the network.