The extension runs from the former terminus at Saint-Lazare, north via Pont Cardinet, Porte de Clichy and Saint-Ouen to Mairie de Saint Ouen. Porte de Clichy station is scheduled to open in January 2021.

The extension runs parallel to the northern section of Line 13 and is expected to reduce congestion on the older line by around 25%. Train can operate at 85-second headways and can carry up to 35,000 passengers per hour.

The extension runs from Saint-Lazare to Mairie de Saint-Ouen. © RATP

The opening of the extension follows the introduction of the first three of a fleet of 72 MP14 rubber-tyred eight-car metro trains on the line on October 12. A fourth train has since been delivered.

The trains, which were manufactured by Alstom and financed by Île-de-France-Mobility, were purchased under a €2bn 15-year framework contract agreed with Alstom in 2015 for up to 217 trains.

A total of 35 trains will be delivered to operate on the current Mairie de Saint-Ouen - Olympiades route, 20 of which will be delivered in 2021. A further 37 will be delivered by 2024 to expand capacity on the line following the completion of further extensions fo Orly and Saint-Denis Pleyel.

The extension is intended to alleviate congestion on Line 13. © Hamdi Chref, RATP

The trains will initially operate alongside the older 90m-long six-car MP05 trains currently used on the line, before taking over completely from 2022.

The trains are equipped with Automatic Train Operation (ATO) systems capable of operating at Grade of Automation (GoA) 4, and regenerative braking.

The line will be operated by a fleet of Alstom MP14 trains. © Bruno Marguerite, RATP

Further extensions to Line 14 to Saint-Denis Pleyel in the north and to Orly Airport in the south, are currently under construction and scheduled to open by 2024. When fully complete, the extended line is expected to almost double its daily passenger numbers, from 550,000 journeys to over one million per day.

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