THE Société du Grand Paris, which is overseeing execution of the French capital’s Grand Paris Express metro project, has awarded a €65m contract to construct 17 service structures along the southern section of Line 15 to a partnership of two Vinci subsidiaries. 

The contract was awarded to a partnership of Vinci Construction and Vinci Energies, and covers structural work, metalwork, electrical systems, plumbing and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning for the new structures. 

The structures will be built between Noisy-Champs and Créteil l’Échatvstations and are expected to take 59 months to complete from the start of work last month. The work is expected to involve over 200 people at its peak.  

The structures will improve access to the line for metro staff as well as the safety and security of passengers. 

Vinci will also mobilise its Chantiers and Territoires Solidaires endowment fund, which will support employment and community initiatives near the work sites. 

Vinci is currently involved in several aspects of Paris Line 15’s construction. In May 2020, a partnership of Eurovia subsidiary ETF and Vinci Energies Mobility was awarded a €120m, 64-month contract to equip 16.5km of tunnels between Pont de Sèvres and Les Ardoines with track and electrification. 

A Vinci Construction-led consortium was also awarded a €156m contract in July 2017 to construct the new metro station on Line 15 South at Noisy Champs. 

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