Phase 4 is due to be completed by 2022 and will add five new lines to the network. These comprise:

- A branch of Line 6 from Lilin to Zhongshan Daxue (6.4km, three stations)
- Line 12 from Zuopaotai to Haishang Tianyuan Dong (40km, 29 stations)
- Line 13 Phase 1 from Wan Kou'an to Shangwu Bei (23km, 14 stations)
- Line 14 (express line) from Gangxia Bei to Shatian (51.9km, 14 stations), and
- Line 16 from Dayun to Tiantou (27.6km, 23 stations).

With the completion of Phase 4, the Shenzhen metro network will reach 596.9km. Future phases are expected to increase the total length of the network to 753km.

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