Munich City Utilities (SWM) placed a €185m order with Siemens in November 2010 for 21 six-car C2 sets with options for a further 46 trains. The trains are being built at the Siemens plant in Simmering, Vienna, although final assembly of 14 trains will be carried out at Siemens' Allach plant near Munich.

Following the completion of dynamic testing at Wildenrath, the first train will undergo further trials in Munich with the aim of introducing the first four C2s into commercial service in December. All trains from the initial order are due to be delivered by 2015.

The 90km/h C2s will expand Munich's U-Bahn fleet and enable headways to be cut from 2min 30sec to 2 minutes in the city centre. Each 114m-long train accommodates up to 940 passengers (at 4 passengers per m2), 220 of them seated.