The 28km automated line from Saint-Denis Pleyel to Noisy Champs will serve 10 stations and is forecast to carry around 200,000 passengers per day. Civil works are due to begin in early 2018 and the €3.49bn project is scheduled for completion in 2023.

Construction of Line 16 will be divided into three lots. Lot 1 covers civil works, excavation of tunnels using TBMs, cuttings, stations and installation of railway systems on the western section of the line between Saint-Denis Pleyel and Le Blanc-Mesnil. Tendering will begin in September and SGP expects to award the contract in early 2018.

Lot 2 covers the 11.1km central section through Aulnay, Sevran-Livry, and Clichy Montfermeil, while Lot 3 covers the 5.5km southern section through Chelles to Noisy-Champs. Tendering for lots 2 and 3 will begin this week and contracts are due to be signed towards the end of next year.

Last year SGP signed 10 contracts for civil works on Line 15 South, which is now under construction, and by the end of this year it will have awarded contracts with a total value of €3bn for works on various sections of the network.