The three bidders comprise Consorcio Línea Aeropuerto (OHL and Mota Engil), Consorcio Línea 2 Ramal and Acciona Construction.

The technical aspects will be analysed by an evaluation Commission, which has a period of 30 working days to deliver its report, as well as the possibility of requesting an extension of up to 20 additional working days. The estimated price and the economic proposals will be stored at the National Bank of Panama until after the technical offers have been evaluated. The winner of the tender will be the bidder with the highest overall score, the sum of the technical and economic scores, which are worth 510 points and 490 points respectively.

The winning consortium will have 28 months to finish the 2km extension of Line 2 to the AIT. The contract includes design, civil works, auxiliary line installations and stations, and system integration with the existing network.

The integrated rail systems will be contracted separately by Panama Metro (MPSA) to ensure they are fully compatible with Line 2 systems.

The initial 21km section of Line 2 from San Miguelito to Nuevo Tocumen is due to open next year.