MOSCOW Metro has started trial running on the first 8.3km southern section of the new Line 16/Troitskaya in preparation for opening later this year.

The first section runs from Novatorskaya, where it will interchange with Line 11, via Universitet Druzhby Narodov to Kommunarka where passengers will be able to transfer to Line 1. There will be five intermediate stations.

The line will eventually extend north via Akademicheskaya, where it will connect with Line 6, to ZIL on Line 14, which is also known as Moscow’s central ring line, and south to Troitsk. The full Line 16/Troitskaya will be 43.4 km long with a total of 17 stations.

Moscow Metro says Line 16/Troitskaya will result in a 20% reduction in congestion on lines 1 and 6 and a 15% easing of pressure on Line 12.

Trains operating on Line 16/Troitskaya will feature wide doors and walk-through inter-car gangways, powerful air-conditioning systems, USB ports for charging mobile phones, and passenger information screens.

“Line 16 is one of the largest projects we are currently implementing,” says Mr Maksim Liksutov, Moscow’s deputy mayor for transport. “We expect that with the full launch of Line 16, over 300,000 passengers will use it daily.”

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