Only Siemens and Bombardier submitted bids for the contract, which could be worth up to €550m if Wiener Linien exercises an option for 11 additional trains.

Assembly will be carried out at Siemens plant in Simmering, Vienna, and deliveries will begin in 2020 with the final sets due to enter service by 2030.

Maintenance of the fleet accounts for 30% of the value of the contract, and Wiener Linien staff will maintain the trains under the supervision of Siemens.

While intended for primarily driverless operation, the new trains will be equipped with cabs to enable use on all U-Bahn lines except Line U6. This will enable the withdrawal of ageing class U trains.

Driverless operation will be introduced on the new Line U5, which will open in stages from 2023 onwards. Wiener Linien is not currently planning to convert any other U-Bahn lines for driverless operation.

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