“The supply chains of the rail industry in our country are fundamentally strong, highly diversified and very resilient,” the VDB says. “It is important, however, that clear priorities are now quickly set in order to continue to ensure the essential performance of the rail industry. The strictest precautionary measures apply where operation must be maintained.”

The VDB says “massive efforts and drastic measures” are being taken to limit social contact for employees in offices, workshops and construction sites.

“The federal government's emergency fund for the economy is of paramount importance as an umbrella in this crisis,” the VDB says. “Fast liquidity, immediate help, clear help for short-time work and the deferral of corporate taxes are now necessary. The aim must be to limit economic and social consequences through quick, effective and unbureaucratic support.” The VDB says such measures will make it possible to make the financial consequences for companies manageable.

The VDB wants companies to prepare “for a powerful restart” after the crisis.

  • Bombardier Transportation ceased production at its Crespin factory in France at 18.00 on March 16 due to the coronavirus. This also affects people from other companies working at the site. About half of Bombardier’s 2000 employees are now on short-time working.