''Only 15 people have signed up so far but we need 25, and we have already postponed the start of the course once,'' Loubinoux told IRJ in Doha. He said if sufficient students don't register soon he will be forced to cancel the course. ''We won't try again,'' Loubinoux warned.

''We have already missed training one generation of railway experts because other industries seemed more attractive, but now we have the chance to catch the next generation," Loubinoux said.

While it is about half the price of other MBAs, it is a full MBA through EMLyon which has triple accreditation, something which only 1% of business schools have. A lot of the course is internet-based to reduce travel costs for students and sponsoring railways, and to allow students to continue their normal job.

The MBA comprises five one-week residential courses, one to kick-off the programme, one at the end, and one after each six-month block of internet-based courses on mastering the railway market, managing and measuring excellence, and leading people and performance.

The MBA is open to managers with at least six months experience and who are proficient in English.

For more information contact Laetitia Granger, the UIC's project manager, at [email protected].