Poupart-Lafarge will succeed Ms Sabrina Soussan, joint CEO of Siemens Mobility, for a three-year term, which is effective immediately.

“I am extremely honoured to represent the rail industry at such a defining moment,” Poupart-Lafarge says. “Our industry will remain the backbone of the future of mobility, and has a tremendous role to play in the fight against climate change and Europe’s economic recovery. I am looking forward to representing the rail industry and its interests on the eve of 2021, which will be the European Year of Rail.”

Soussan will continue to represent Siemens on Unife’s presiding board alongside Mr Andrés Arizkorreta, chairman of CAF, Mr Augusto Mensi, CEO of Lucchini, and Mr Danny Di Perna, president of Bombardier Transportation.

Unife issued its thanks to Soussan for her dedication during the 2017-2020 mandate, a period marked by Unife’s advocacy campaigns in favour of EU investments in rail, introducing a global level playing field for the railway supply sector, and Shift2Rail 2. 

“I am looking back at three exciting years, during which the rail industry reaffirmed not only its essential contribution to reducing climate change, to creating value and jobs in Europe, but also to digital transformation of transport,” Soussan says. “Three years during which this industry clearly articulated its beliefs in fair and open competition and stressed the conditions to preserve it within and outside Europe.”