In a position paper published on May 19, the regulators say the sector has done well to keep the transport of passengers and freight going during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the group has called for coordinated cross-border measures so state aid is available unilaterally, which will maintain the integrity of the single market.

A package was announced by the European Commission on April 29 to help the transport sector during the coronavirus pandemic recovery by removing administrative burdens and increasing flexibility.

“IRG-Rail supports this initiative, which appears crucial in this period of uncertainty,” the paper says. “However, IRG-Rail would like to stress that those temporary measures should indeed be considered as an exceptional regime in the context of the construction of the single European railway market.”

The regulators says they will continue to monitor the markets and uphold the principles of proportionality and non-discrimination. The say there must be a balance between emergency measures and the need to safeguard fair competition in rail markets as well as a offering level playing field between transport modes.

“Rail services are a key element of a sustainable recovery,” the paper says. “Regulators will continue to promote clear frameworks for infrastructure investment and rail operation that match Europe-wide economic and green objectives.”