The strategy sets digitalisation priorities for RZD including replacing foreign IT solutions with domestic ones, while also providing the necessary resources and technologies.

RZD says the strategy will aid the introduction of innovations and breakthrough technologies, improve the corporate culture, increase efficiency, and expand the range of services offered.

The strategy will include the formation of eight digital platforms of interconnected technical solutions. The platforms will cover multimodal freight and passenger transport, logistics hubs, a linear infrastructure operator, an e-commerce logistics operator, a traffic control centre, motive power and rolling stock, and processes.

The strategy will lead to the implementation of around 50 projects in these areas, as well as the use of domestic innovations based on big data, distributed registers, industrial IoT, and quantum computing.

RZD says digital transformation will form part of RZD’s long-term development programme and will become one of the driving forces for the development of Russia’s transport industry.