The issues identified are: security, environment, digital, intermodal and accessible stations, regional and suburban transport services, skills development, workforce planning, and training. In practice, both organisations will attend each other’s events and workshop, share knowledge, exchange views and written communications on specific topics.

The agreement was signed by Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC secretary general, and Mr Pere Calvet, president of the UITP, in Barcelona on April 20.

“To have a coherent response to customer needs, which are the same for both organisations, to develop a coordinated response to the challenges of sustainable and societal development, and to search for a common anticipation of safety and security fundamentals, are the main points of the work that UIC and UITP want to further strengthen through the signature of this MoU,” Loubinoux says.

This MoU follows other agreements signed at COP 23 and will enter into force following approval the meetings of the further UIC General Assembly in Madrid in July, and by the UITP’s Executive Board.