The 395km high-speed line from Wuhan to Shiyan in Hebei province will serve 13 stations including Suizhou, Gucheng, and Danjiangkou. The line will have a design speed of 350km/h with a minimum curve radius of 5500m and a maximum gradient of 1 in 200.

The line will have capacity to carry up to 40 million passengers per year and commercial services are due to start in 2020. The total budget for the project is Yuan 52.8bn, including Yuan 2.3bn for rolling stock.

In Jiangsu, the NDRC has given the go-ahead for the 314km high-speed line from Xuzhou East to Huai'an and Yancheng. The line will be designed for 250km/h operation with a minimum curve radius of 3000m and will have capacity to carry up to 30 million passengers per year. The project has a budget of Yuan 42.8bn, including Yuan 2.8bn for rolling stock and construction is expected to take four years to complete.

The third project is a 189km north-south mixed-traffic line from Xuyong in the southwestern province of Sichuan to Bijie in neightbouring Guizhou. The line will be built for 120km/h operation and the maximum gradient will be 1 in 60. The line will have capacity for eight passenger trains and 22 million tonnes of freight per year. The Yuan 6.9bn project is due to be completed in 2021.