The first phase of Line 6 runs for 31km from Haidian Wuluju in the west to Caofang in the east, and will relieve congestion on the parrallel Line 1. The 21-station line is initially expected to carry around 700,000 passengers per day and is the first metro line in Beijing to employ eight-car trains, each of which accommodates 1960 passengers. It is also the first to electrified with 1.5kV dc overhead catenary.

Meanwhile the opening of the Bagou - Xiju and Jinsong - Shoujingmao sections of Line 10 means only a short section in the south of the city is required to complete the outer circle line. The final section between Xiju and Shoujingmao will be comissioned in 2013. 

December 30 also saw the opening of the northern section of Line 8 from Beitucheng to Guloudajie, and the stretch of Line 9 between Beijing West Railway Station and National Library.