In September 2018 the governments agreed to suspend the project until May 2020 to allow time for a review of costs. Malaysia’s prime minister, Mr Mahathir Mohamad, had previously threatened to scrap the high-speed line, which was a flagship project of his predecessor, Mr Najib Razak.

Since the signing of the suspension agreement MyHSR has carried our an assessment of the project, known as the Initial Recommended Option, with the aim of identifying options for cost reductions.

According to the tender issued on April 8, the technical advisory consultant will carry out seven key tasks:

  • review the technical assumptions used
  • collect data to support the validation work such as topography survey data and soil investigation
  • develop a 3D alignment model together with plan and profile drawings for the alignment based on the new data collected
  • develop a “bottom-up” cost estimate and review and validate unit rates
  • review and validate the master programme
  • review and validate the risk assessment and propose mitigation, and
  • develop operational simulations for various scenarios.

Firms deemed eligible to participate in the tender will be invited to a tender briefing on April 15.