CHINA’S National Development and Reform Commission (NRDC) has approved the third stage of the Suzhou Urban Rail Transit Plan (2021-2026) which will extend three rapid transit lines in the city.

Under the plans, 19.58km of new line will be constructed at a total cost of Yuan 15.24bn ($US 2.41bn).

The Suzhou municipal and district governments will provide Yuan 5.16bn towards the cost of the extensions.

A Yuan 3.26bn 4.72km northern underground extension to Line 2 with four statons will be constructed between the existing terminus at Qihe and a new terminus at Aigehaolu.

A Yuan 4.54bn 7.42km northern extension Line 4 will connect the existing terminus at Longdaobin with a new terminus at Guantanglu. This line will also run underground with four stations.

A Yuan 5.09bn, 7.44km underground extension Line 7 will be built between Moyang and Chengfenglu and this will also be underground.

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