The agreement includes developing the international rail links between the two countries as well as through other countries in order to increase train speeds and ensure the smooth passage of freight traffic. They also plan to develop existing and future border crossings between China and Russia and rail infrastructure leading to the frontier.

RZD and CRC plan to introduce scheduled container trains, particularly with a view to developing mail and parcels rail traffic between China, Russia and Europe. To facilitate international rail freight they plan to improve security and electronic-data interchange, and expand terminal and storage facilities on the main routes.

RZD and CRC agreed to cooperate on the development of the Moscow-Kazan high-speed line as part of a longer-term initiative to develop a Moscow - Beijing high-speed Eurasian corridor. The two railways also want to make travel between Russia and China more attractive for passengers by developing new routes, introducing flexible tariffs, increasing comfort, and offering new tourist routes.

Russia and China have also agreed to localise the production of high-speed trains and railway equipment in Russia, and the two railways will cooperate in science, technology, and innovation and in staff training.