Toll Royal Railway, a joint venture with Cambodia's Royal Group of Companies, secured a $A 145m ($US 155.26m) contract in 2009 to rebuild lines from the capital Phnom Penh to the southern port of Siahnoukville and to Poipet on the Thai border. The line is key part of the proposed Singapore - Malaysia - Thailand - Vietnam - China link.
However, the project in Cambodia, which is partly funded by the Australian aid agency AusAid, has been at the centre of controversy following claims that up to 4000 residents living along the route would not be compensated for being forced to move.
Toll is also said to have become frustrated at the pace of the reconstruction work, although leading officials have denied these claims. Toll refused to comment on the reports surrounding a pull out, although a statement on the company's future is expected later this week or next week.