According to a document released this week, the line will consist of a 390km section between Sorong and Manokwari and a 205km Sarmi - Jayapura section. However, the report did not give any specific details of the Manokwari - Sarmi section.

Feasibility studies into both projects will start this year, and detailed design and environmental impact of the Sorong – Manokwari section will take place in 2016 followed by a 2.5-year land procurement process that will begin in 2017. Construction is expected to start in 2018 and with completion scheduled for 2019.

Detailed design and environmental impact studies on the Sarmi - Jayapura section will also take place in 2016-17, with land procurement starting in 2018-19, and construction starting after that.

The project is expected to cost Rupiah 10.61 trillion ($US 831.3m) with Rupiah 10.9bn set to be allocated in 2015. This will be followed by budget allocations of Rupiah 46.2bn in 2016, Rupiah 152.5bn in 2017, Rupiah 5 trillion in 2018, and Rupiah 5.4 trillion in 2019.