The funding will primarily cover the construction of five underpasses under the Belgrano South line worth a total of Pesos 3.7bn, which will replace existing level crossings. The underpasses will enable more frequent train services, improve safety and reduce congestion for both road and rail users. In addition, the improvements will reduce pollution from idling road vehicles, and improve connectivity between areas divided by the railway.

Three underpasses will be constructed around Laferrere station over the course of a year, costing around Pesos 2.4bn. Two more underpasses will be constructed in the city of Gonzalez Catan over 18 months, for a cost of around Pesos 1.3bn.

In addition, improvements will be carried out at Ramos Mejia station on the Sarmiento Line, and Laferrere station on the Belgrano South Line.

Improvements to Ramos Mejia station will be carried out over 10 months and cost a total of Pesos 140m, and will include:

  • the reconstruction of the central platform and upgrades to equipment
  • the reconstruction of end accesses, pedestrian paths and upgrades to the existing tunnel
  • the construction of an elevated platform and new shelters on Rivadavia Avenue, with new lighting, equipment and signs, and
  • the restoration of the main station building, including a new ticket office.

Work on upgrades to Laferrere station will be carried out over eight months at a cost of Pesos 220m, and covers the construction of new exterior paving, lighting and landscaping, as well as other improvements to passenger safety.

The new underpasses are expected to produce around 1089 new jobs during construction, with an additional 130 jobs created by work at the two stations.