CRRC is supplying 107 diesel locomotives and 3509 wagons to Argentina under contracts signed in December 2014.

The latest batch comprises 122 wagons for the Belgrano Norte network and 34 vehicles for the San Martín line, and takes the total number of wagons delivered to 2963.

According to the Ministry of Transport, 1600km of track on the Belgrano network will be rehabilitated by 2019 in a project which is being financed through a credit facility with China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC).

During this month’s visit of Argentina’s president Mr Mauricio Macri to Beijing a further agreement was signed which adds a $US 1.6bn credit facility to the $US 2.47bn already allocated.

The delegation signed a $US 2.4bn contract with China Railway Construction Corporation for the renovation of 1600km of track on the San Martín Line. Together with the introduction of new locomotives and rolling stock, the modernisation of infrastructure will increase the capacity of the San Martín Line from 2.3 million tonnes to more than 13 million tonnes by 2024.