The 21-station line will use part of the alignment of the 13.6km suburban rail line from Calçada to Paripe and construction will be carried out in two phases: Comércio - Plataforma (9.4km) and Plataforma - São Luiz (9.1km).

According to the reference design documents for the project, services will be operated by a fleet of 750V dc bi-directional LRVs, which will be 70-100% low-floor with a maximum capacity of 600 passengers. Twenty vehicles will be required to operate the timetable.

The line will have a commercial speed of 25km/h and a maximum operating speed of 70km/h. Services will operate at 10-minute intervals between Comércio and Paripe, with 20-minute headways between Paripe and São Luis and a 40-minute journey time between the terminus stations. Forecast daily ridership is 92,800 passengers.

The deadline for submission of proposals is June 30.

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