The study was commissioned by National Development Finance (FDN), a government institution promoting private investment in Columbian infrastructure projects.

Using techniques developed by its engineers, Sener identified opportunities to optimise the budget for the project by minimising investment, financing, commissioning, and operational costs. The lifecycle analysis scrutinised design, construction, scheduling, and risk within the project with the aim of enhancing the socio-economic return on investment.

The 26.5km Line 1 from Portal Américas to Calle 127 will have 27 stations and will run underground for its entire length. Services will be operated by a fleet of 142m-long six-car trains which will initially operate at minimum headways of 150 seconds. Construction is expected to cost around $US 6.9bn.

In 2011 Sener led an international consortium which carried out conceptual and operational design studies for the line as part of the city's Integrated Public Transport System (SITP) project.