SPANISH national operator Renfe and Chilean State Railways (EFE) have signed a cooperation agreement to study future collaboration, in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Renfe president, Mr Raül Blanco, and EFE president, Mr Eric Martin González.

Chile is a country of interest for Renfe’s international activities, especially in the areas of rail operations and the leasing and sale of rolling stock, due to the South American country having 1676mm as its principal gauge, close to the Iberian gauge of 1668mm.

The cooperation agreement also reinforces Chile’s commitment to developing its railways as a means of making the country’s transport system more sustainable, with EFE promoting its passenger services as part of an ambitious programme to upgrade the national network. Renfe has established itself as a strategic ally in this objective, helping to support key projects at international level.

The MoU signed by the two presidents includes collaboration in the following areas:

  • preparation of demand and feasibility studies for new lines
  • leasing and sale of rolling stock
  • planning, design, marketing, management, deployment, operation and maintenance of passenger and freight services, and
  • training of railway personnel, including technical training.

The agreement between the Spanish and Chilean operators includes a potential leasing contract for passenger rolling stock with diesel traction, and later electric. There is also the possibility of Renfe leasing or selling spare parts and maintenance equipment to EFE.

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