The winning bidder will also oversee the ongoing modernisation, extension and upgrade of the two lines, which will be funded through a Reais 3bn investment outlined in the contract.

A public session for the receipt of bids will take place on March 2 2021.

Line 8 includes 22 stations, as well as a maintenance and stabling depot. The winning bidder will also rebuild the currently defunct station in Ambuitá.

Line 9 serves 18 stations. A 4.5km southern extension from Grajaú is currently under construction and will add a new station at Mendes-Vila Natal in 2021, and another in Varginha in 2022. A third station at João Dias Station, between Santo Amaro and Granja Julieta, is being built by the private sector with an investment of Reais 60m ($US 11.7m). It is scheduled for completion in the second half of 2021.

Work on the extension resumed in January 2020, after pausing at the end of 2016 due to delays in the transfer of federal funds.

The extension will cost Reais 945m, of which Reais 500m will be provided by the Brazilian federal government through its Growth Acceleration Programme (PAC). The state government of São Paulo will provide the remaining Reais 445m.