The three-section Metelitsa LRVs will be 33m long 2.5m wide and each vehicle will accommodate up to 200 passengers. The standard-gauge LRVs will be assembled at a Stadler plant in Europe and deliveries will begin in 2020. 

The 13-station electrified network will comprise a 27.4km line running west from San Antonio station in the city centre to Quillacollo, Vinto, and Suticollo; a 7.8km line running north from Cruce Rio Roche/Sajama Avenue to El Castillo; and a 5.3km north-south line from San Antonio to San Simón University Faculty of Engineering.

Services will operate at speeds of up to 80km/h.

Asociación Accidental Tunari, a consortium of Spanish engineering and construction company Joca and Molinari Rail, Switzerland, was awarded a contract in 2017 to carry out pre-feasibility studies and design work for the network, which is expected to take around three years to build.

The total cost of the project will be $US 537m, including $US 504m for civil works, infrastructure, railway systems and rolling stock, and $US 33m for construction management, supervision, monitoring and contingencies.