IDX provides automated public announcements and interfaces with SuperVia's existing Sprins train schedule database and Engesis automated train tracking system. It offers paging, background music, pre-recorded messages, and meets safety requirements, while offering independent control of multiple zones, signal routing and points systems, and other information delivery functions.


At Central do Brazil Terminal, eight BSS DT715 dispatch microphone stations, four BSS BLU-800 digital signal processors, BSS server/DAC digitial audio controllers, 18 Crown DCi Network 8/300N power amplifiers, and AKG wall-mounted security/surveillance microphones are located throughout the station following the completion of the work. In addition, four BSS-DDC-4 four-output digital display controllers are used to control the main information displays at Centro do Brazil and Deodoro station.

"Our main goal of installing the Harman IDX system was to integrate the audio and video systems of communication we already had in place into a single tool for operating and controlling them," says Mr Washington Luiz Ferreira, chief compliance officer at SuperVia. "Another key requirement was that the solution had to provide complete real-time monitoring of all the assets in the system."
Ferreira adds that the goal is to integrate all audio and video communications with all types of media in each of SuperVia's stations, maintenance facilities, and operations centres. "This is just the tip of the ice-berg," he says.