The €490m line closes the gap between the Linz – Amstetten and Ybbs – St.Pölten – Vienna high-speed sections of the Westbahn. The new alignment includes the 2.2km Burgstaller Tunnel, which passes beneath the existing line and the A1 highway. This is necessary as the high-speed line west of Amstetten runs to the north of the existing line while east of Ybbs the new alignment is to the south.

The new line is designed for 250 km/h operation, although initially trains will run at no more than 200km/h. Blindenmarkt and Neumarkt/Ybbs stations have been completely rebuilt as part of the project, and the old alignment has now been closed for upgrading, which will be completed in 2015.

This leaves just the eastern end of Amstetten station to be rebuilt, and with the completion of this project in 2016 the entire Vienna – Linz line will be four tracks with two conventional tracks and two high-speed tracks.