Passenger numbers increased 1.5% year-on-year to 282.4 million, while the total distance travelled rose 0.8% to 12.2 billion passenger-km. Rail's modal share of the overall passenger market increased 0.3% to 15.4%, or 12.1% by passenger-km.

Freight traffic remained more-or-less static in 2015, with the total total amount of freight lifted falling slightly from 113.3 to 112.8 million tonnes, although the total volume carried increased from 22.5 to 22.6 billion net tonne-km.

The market share of new entrants in the rail freight sector increased 0.8% to 27% and competition is most intense on the Brenner route (42% market share for new entrants and the Danube corridor (31%).

Lokomotion remains the largest open-access freight operator with a market share of 5%, followed by LTE (4.8%) and Cargoserv (3.7%). Open-access operators are almost exclusively active in the trainload sector, with block trains accounting for 99% of open-access freight movements in Austria.

This compares to just 55% for Rail Cargo Austria (RCA), demonstrating the continued importance of the wagonload business to the incumbent freight operator.