The memorandum of understanding (MoU) aims to improve train services and railway infrastructure on the key cross-border routes: Nuremberg - Schirnding - Karlovy Vary - Prague; Munich - Furth-im-Wald - Prague; and Plattling - Bayerisch Eisenstein/Zelezna Ruda - Klatovy - Plzen.

At present the cross-border sections of all three routes are unelectrified single-track lines. Train frequencies and line speeds are also poor.

The MoU calls on the German federal government to support investment in these links, including electrification, which would greatly reduce journey times between Munich, Nuremberg, and Prague.

The first concrete proposal to be implemented under the MoU is the reopening of the short section between Selb, Germany, and As, Czech Republic, which would allow trains to run direct from Hof to Cheb. This would require an investment of around €10m on the German side and €1m on the Czech side.