ITALIAN State Railways (FS) subsidiary Trenitalia has sent the first of the second batch of ETR400 high-speed trains to the test centre at Velim in the Czech Republic. Branded as Frecciarossa 1000 by Trenitalia, 58 of the eight-car trains have been supplied by Hitachi Rail since 2015.

Delivery of a second batch of five trains for Trenitalia is currently underway, but as there have been a number of changes to the train design, including a new train management system, the train requires a new Authorisation to Place on the Market (Apom) before it can enter passenger service. Testing at Velim is expected to lead to the Apom being granted.

Trenitalia placed an €861m order with Hitachi Rail for a third batch of 30 ETR400 high-speed trains in November 2023, which are due to be built between 2026 and 2029.