Eurotunnel's freight and passenger shuttle services achieved a 16% increase in revenue in 2012 to €478.1m with strong growth in lorry, car, and bus traffic. Eurostar passenger trains carried 2% more passenger in 2012 with a total of 9.91 million journeys. Passenger traffic was boosted partly though Queen Elizabeth II's Jubilee celebrations and the Olympic Games.

However, the decline in railfreight continued with a drop of 7% to 1.23 million tonnes, almost its lowest level since 1994. This follows French National Railways' (SNCF) decision to end its cross-Channel wagonload business and French Rail Network (RFF) imposing a charge on railfreight users. As a result, total revenue from Eurostar and railfreight operators dropped by 1% to €285.7m. Nevertheless, Eurotunnel says it is trying to develop a package to attract new railfreight operators.

By contrast, Eurotunnel's own railfreight subsidiary, Europorte, achieved a 28% in revenue to €209.5m as a result of winning new contracts and a 20% increase in French cereal traffic.

Eurotunnel will publish its full financial results in March.