The three-year project to reopen the line involved upgrading the track, electrification, construction of five intermediate stations, installing GSM-R, and improving safety at 13 level crossings.

The €110.5m project was funded by nine different entities comprising:

  • French government: €30.9m
  • Franche-Comté region: €30.9m
  • Swiss government: €24.7m
  • European Union: €9.3m
  • Belfort territory: €7.4m
  • Grand Belfort: €2.3m
  • SNCF Network: €4m
  • Jura canton: €3.2m, and
  • South territory: €0.5m

The new line provides a rail link between the centre of Belfort and Belfort Montbéliard TGV station and from there to destinations in Switzerland. The daily train service comprises 16 round trips split into 10 Belfort - Belfort Montbéliard TGV shuttles, 10 trains/day from there via Delle and Délemont to Biel/Bienne, and six trains between Belfort and Delle.