The 31km section includes 10 bridges and the new 7km twin-bore Othryos tunnel, which ends at the Xyniadas plain. The electrified line is part of a new 106km double-track alignment between Tithorea and Domokos, replacing the 122km single-track line which suffers from steep gradients and sharp curvature.

The €1.8bn line has a design speed of 200km/h and includes new stations at Molos and Agios Stefanos. The line is electrified at 25kV ac 50Hz and equipped with ETCS Level 1.

Work on the final 21km stretch between Agiias and Domokos is set to be completed over the next few weeks. Tests on a new seismically-insulated arched bridge will take place until January 20 with services on the complete double-track line set to commence on January 24. Electric train services on the complete Leianokladi - Domokos line will commence by the end of February.

Egrose opened the Tithorea - Leianokladi section in February 2018.

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