The project involves constructing two additional tracks on the 8km section between Arlöv north of Malmö and Flackarp south of Lund, reconstruction of Hjärup, Åkarp and Arlöv stations, and elimination of the level crossing at Åkarp.

Infrastructure manager Trafikverket finalised plans for the project in May, but objections were raised on the grounds of perceived noise, water and land use impacts. The government has dismissed these appeals, albeit with a number of changes to the project specification.

Following the government’s decision, the project will be referred to the Land and Environment court for final environmental approval.

Procurement is now underway and the project is being tendered on an early contractor involvement (ECI) basis with a single contract covering both civil works and track, electrification, signalling, and telecommunications. Trafikveket expects to award the contract in May with the aim of starting construction in autumn 2017. The project is due to be completed in 2023.