EUROPEAN leasing company Nexrail has confirmed an order with Vossloh Rolling Stock (VRS) for 50 DE 18 Stage V diesel locomotives.

The order consists of 40 locomotives certified for operation in Germany, which will be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2023, as well as 10 DE 18 Stage V Smarthybrid locomotives. This is an option from a framework agreement signed in 2021 for up to 50 of these locomotives, with an order for 20 already confirmed.

Mr Luuk von Meijenfeldt, CEO of Nexrail, foresees clients using the DE 18 Stage V locomotives “for a wide variety” of tasks, stating that it puts the company in a position to serve German clients at short-notice.

“We aim to use our portfolio to give a boost to the rail freight market, particularly low-emission operation on non-electrified lines, thereby supporting the positive role that rail plays in reducing CO2 emissions,” he says.

The first of the 30 DE 18 Stage V Smarthybrid locomotives now on order will be delivered to customers by March 2024, Nexrail says. These units will be certified for operation in France, Belgium and Luxembourg and equipped with ETCS Level 1. An upgrade to ETCS Level 2 foreseen in 2025.

Nexrail was founded in September 2021 following the transfer of 53 VRS-built locomotives of different types operated under lease by various operators in Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg into a single pool managed by the new leasing company. The company also confirmed the deal for 50 new VRS locomotives at its founding.

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