The contract covers the modernisation of 125 class 111A and 141A coaches, as well as the provision of periodic technical inspections and maintenance following the completion of the overhaul.

The first vehicle is scheduled to be delivered 300 days after the signing of the contract, with the full fleet expected to be overhauled within 30 months.

The overhaul will involve removing interior compartments in the coaches and equipping them with air-conditioning, improved luggage facilities, more comfortable seating, power sockets with USB ports, closed-system toilets, improved passenger information systems, Braille signage, and Wi-Fi.

Following modernisation, the coaches will be used to provide second-class services and accommodation.

The contract is part of PKP’s Zlotys 7bn ‘Large Investment Railway’ programme, which aims to modernise 80% of the operator’s total fleet by 2023, with 94% having air-conditioning and 77% equipped with Wi-Fi. PKP says that it has so far invested a total of Zlotys 5bn under the programme.

The consortium previously completed a Zlotys 469m contract in November for the modernisation of a fleet of class 111A-20 passenger coaches, which was awarded in April 2018, and a Zlotys 41m contract to overhaul 10 coaches, which was completed in 2019.

Three other contracts are currently being executed by the consortium:

  • a Zlotys 275m contract, awarded in June 2019, for the overhaul of 14 ED74 EMUs
  • a Zlotys 211m contract, awarded in April 2018, for 83 second-class coaches, with an option for an additional 42, and
  • a Zlotys 248m contract, awarded in April 2018, to modernise 60 first and second-class coaches.

The modernisation programme is being co-financed under the European Commission’s (EC) Operational Programme for Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020, which has outlined funding for a total of 225 coaches.