SOLIDARITY Transport Hub Poland (CPK) has launched a preliminary market consultation with potential contractors to build 12 railway lines totalling nearly 2000km as part of the planned CPK transport hub between Warsaw and Łódź. The hub is designed to reduce travel times between Warsaw and the largest Polish cities to less than 2h 30min.

The consultation will cover a number of issues including the guidelines for the planned construction works tender, the conditions and criteria for evaluating bids, the contractual provisions enabling the contract to be carried out, the distribution of risk between the contracting authority and contractors, bundling and the scope of the contract.

CPK will also compare the Polish market’s approach to contracting with other innovative approaches used successfully abroad, such as open book settlement, the so-called target price, or nominated subcontractors.

The consultation will be open to up to 33 contractors, which will be classified either as general contractors responsible for the entire investment process, or specialised contractors for particular areas.

Information on the consultation is available on the SmartPZP website, and the process will be carried out in Polish and partly in English. The deadline to submit an application to participate is May 23 at 10:00.

Feasibility studies are currently underway on the Warsaw - Łódź, Łódź - Wrocław, Żarów - Czech border, Sieradz - Poznań, Katowice - Ostrava, Łętownia - Rzeszów, Trawniki - Zamość - Bełżec, Ostrołęka - Łomża - Giżycko, and CPK - Płock - Włocławek sections.

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