The intelligent lighting system developed by Dutch company Tvilight has been installed at Beilen station on the Zwolle – Groningen line and Hoogeveen and Meppel stations will also be equipped over the next few weeks.

Each lamp is fitted with a motion sensor, which can detect the movement of passengers up to 20m away. If a passenger is present, the light operates at full luminosity. Because each light is controlled by a dedicated sensor, the light level can be reduced on parts of the platform where there is less activity.

The system also adjusts the level of light according to the ambient lighting conditions, meaning it uses less energy in good weather conditions.

ProRail says the dimmer system can be fitted to existing lighting and calculates that energy savings from these three stations could cover the cost of the equipment within seven years, while reducing annual CO2 emissions by 17,600kg.

A video explaining the Tvilight system can be viewed here