CZECH private operator RegioJet has announced plans to reintroduce its overnight trains to Croatia this summer with a new timetable, with the first train planned to depart from Prague on May 28. 

The trains will operate between Prague, Brno, Bratislava, Budapest and Zagreb, before dividing to offer connections to Rijeka and Split. The new timetable eliminates stops at Pardubice, Breclay and Csorna, which were on offer last year. However, trains to Zagreb and Split will be available for the first time.  

The service will also interchange with bus services in Rijeka, Split and Gračac, which will serve a range of holiday destinations on the Croatian Adriatic coast, as well as to Kotor, Montenegro, and Neum, Bosnia. 

Services will be operated daily in each direction in July and August, and will operate three times a week in May, June and September. Departures from Prague during these months will be on Fridays, Sundays and Tuesdays, and from Croatia on Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays.  

Trains will operate according to a similar timetable to last year’s services, departing at around 17.00 from Prague, and around midnight from Budapest, to arrive in Rijeka and Zagreb the next morning. The train will arrive in Split in the early afternoon. 

Services in the opposite direction will depart from Split in the afternoon, and in the evening from Rijeka and Zagreb, to arrive in Budapest, Bratislava, Brno and Prague the next morning.  

Tickets will go on sale later this month, costing €22 for a one-way ticket in the seating coach, and €30 in a couchette coach. All tickets include reservations, breakfast, Wi-Fi. Additionally, a full four-person couchette compartment will be available for the price of three couchette tickets. 

Trains will have 15 coaches and will have a total capacity of more than 650 passengers in 15 sitting and sleeping coaches. 

RegioJet’s carried more than 60,000 passengers on night trains to Croatia in 2020, with an average occupancy rate of 90%. The service was originally planned to operate three times a week per direction between June 30 and September 26 but RegioJet increased the frequency of services on the route due to extremely high demand. The company says that it hopes to carry over 100,000 passengers on the service this year.