Renfe’s Safe Train Objective programme is designed by the company to guarantee that all services are operated with the highest regard for passenger hygiene and sanitation. Renfe says successful completion of the audit and Aenor certification will provide additional reassurance to passengers that its services and trains are safe to use, which will encourage people to return to their previous travel habits.

The certification process will initially focus on Renfe’s AVE, AV City, Euromed, Alvia, Altaria and Talgo fleets. Work will then proceed to Cercanías suburban and Media Distancia trains.

The audit will include face-to-face and documentary evaluations and will analyse all situations in which passengers come into contact with the company’s services before, during and after a trip. This includes “check-in” and access to trains at stations, the distribution of passengers onboard trains, cleaning and disinfection of the train interior as well as measures to protect passengers and employees.

The certification process will establish whether the protocols developed by Renfe are in line with the standards developed by Aenor. Aenor’s guidelines follow the recommendations and requirements of various national and international organisations as well as other reference documents and successful test cases.