The concession will run from December 2018 until December 2032 and will be split into three areas, each with options for additional services.

Area A covers 3.4 million train-km a year and comprises two routes: Magdeburg – Halberstadt – Thale, and Halle – Könnern – Halberstadt - Goslar, with an option for another 400,000 train-km on two more routes.

Area B comprises 4.4 million train-km on six routes serving, Stendal, Magdeburg and Dessau with an option for another 1 million train-km on another six routes.

Area C concerns 400,000 train-km on the Naumburg – Wangen line, with an option for a further 750,000 train-km on three lines.

However, the state says it has not yet reached agreement with Greater Braunschweig over jointly-operated services which could result in considerable changes to the tender.