Veolia Transport Netherlands operates bus services, ferries, and regional train services, based on contracts tendered by regional governments. It is envisaged that the buyer will continue to operate existing franchises and contracts as Veolia has concluded them.

In a statement on the Veolia Transport Netherlands website, Veolia said: "The main objectives of the company are to reorient to a more balanced portfolio of contracts and debt reduction while maintaining growth capacity in countries with better distributed market positions. Following this new strategy, Veolia Transdev published a list of possible sales, which include Veolia Transport Netherlands. Because Veolia Transport Netherlands is a healthy business with good prospects for the future, it would be an interesting investment for a new strategic shareholder, affording a better position for future development and improvement of its and our market position."

Veolia Transport Netherlands currently operates two train services: the Maas Line (Nijmegen - Venlo - Roermond) and the Heuvelland Line (Maastricht Randwijck – Heerlen - Kerkrade Centrum).

Veolia Transdev has a second subsidiary in the Netherlands, Connexxion which is active in the regional rail and light rail markets. Connexxion operates two franchises for regional passenger services: the line between Amersfoort and Ede-Wageningen, and the Almelo - Marienberg line, which is subcontracted to Syntus.

Last December Connexxion's subsidiary Hermes took over operation of regional services between Arnhem and Doetinchem under the name of Breng.