The investments will focus on for infrastructure improvement projects such as track doubling and maintenance of track, repairs to crossings, bridges and signalling, and the implementation of technology such as Positive Train Control (PTC).

In Alberta, CN will invest approximately $C 305m to refurbish the province’s extensive rail network, with work including the replacement of around 114km of rail, the installation of approximately 210,000 railway sleepers, the upgrades to 28 level crossings and assorted maintenance work on bridges, signalling systems and other infrastructure.

“As our province recovers from Covid-19, investments to support our supply chain are more important than ever,” says Mr Ric McIver, Alberta’s minister of transport.

“This expansion of Alberta’s rail infrastructure will provide more opportunities for our world-class agricultural and energy products to access markets across North America and the globe,” says Mr Prasad Panda, Alberta’s minister of infrastructure.

In Quebec, CN will invest $C 235m on projects which include the replacement of over 32km of rail, the installation of 140,000 railway sleepers, and the reconstruction of 47 level crossings.

“We are pleased to see companies such as CN do their share by investing to improve safety, growing its capacity and enabling trade through a safe and reliable rail network,” says Mr Marc Garneau, minister of transport for the Canadian government. “CN’s investments in Quebec will ensure the safe movement of goods through infrastructure upgrades and improved level crossings.”