After graduating from the University of North Carolina's journalism school at Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Miller had a stint in the US army during the Korean war. He then spent a year at the London School of Economics before returning to New York.

Miller joined Railway Age in 1958 from The Institute of Railway Progress in Washington DC and was appointed chief editor of Railway Age in 1966. Miller stepped down as editor in 2000 to become senior consulting editor.

It was Miller and his publishing director the late Robert Lewis who had the vision and determination to set up IRJ in 1960 as the world's first monthly publication to cover the global railway industry.

In the 1960s, Miller led a series of European transit system tours for US railway planners, engineers and designers that in large part influenced the design of the Washington Metro and other modern US rail transit systems.

One of Miller's main legacies is the standard of excellence in reporting railway industry events and developments which he set for both Railway Age and IRJ.

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