The Stage 2 implementation report, updates changes in project scope, provides information on the final alignment adjustments, includes the recommended procurement model and the specific measures the city will adopt to prepare for the implementation of Stage 2.

The city says that if the report is approved, it will enable a competitive procurement process for all three Stage 2 extensions and permit the projects to be implemented within the city's financial means.

Following a public consultation and preliminary engineering work, the city is proposing the inclusion of the following projects in Stage 2:
• Confederation Line West: beyond Bayshore to Moodie Drive, and southwest to Algonquin College
• Confederation Line East: beyond Place d'Orleans to Trim Road
• Trillium Line extension to Bowesville and Riverside South, and
• an airport rail link from South Keys Station on the Trillium Line

The Confederation Line West extension will include an additional maintenance and storage facility in the Moodie Drive area.

The budget for the Stage 2 LRT project is $C 3bn ($US 2.3bn), which excludes the one-station Trim Road extension ($C 160m) and the two-station airport link ($C 155m). The city says the Trim and airport extensions will only proceed if they are fully funded by the federal government and the province of Ontario. The province has already committed to covering half of the capital costs for both of these projects and the city expects to deliver the Moodie extension within the original budget envelope for Stage 2.

The extensions will be built through two new procurements and the city says it will continue its work with existing partner Rideau Transit Group to ensure the expanded network is integrated and consistent, while maximising the amount of work to be procured under new tenders. The first bid package would be for a $C 2.5bn design-build-finance contract for the Confederation Line East and West extensions, which would would include Airport, Trim and Highway 417 works. The second design-build-finance-maintain contract has an estimated value of $C 535mn and covers the Trillium Line extension.

The city believes that bundling the light-rail contracts with additional city infrastructure projects will improve construction integration, reduce detours, save money and reduce impacts to the community.

If Ottawa Council approves the report, the project would go to market at the end of the year, followed by a final report in early 2018. The Trillium Line South is due to be completed in 2021 and this will be followed by the opening of the Confederation Line East extension in 2022 and the Confederation Line West extension in 2023.

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